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Improve Employee Physical and Mental Health

Your employees are the most important part of your company. Focusing on their health makes sense to improve their performance and in turn your company profits.

Employee improvements include:

The most important consideration is...


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Corporate and Employee Health and Wellness Programs

Mobile Health Clinic

All of our services can be conducted on-site in our Mobile Health Clinic, saving time and money.

Technology driven

We use the most updated medical technology to ensure the health of your employees.

Data Driven

We provide data and reports regarding current health goals for for each employee and your company.

Tools, Resources and Strategy

We provide what you need to implement strategies to manage an employees' physical and behavioral health.

Time Management

Save time and money by keeping your employees healthy and at work.

Coaching and Discusssion

Our Healthcare Specialists will walk your employees through their wellness needs.

What do we focus on?

Our Occupational Health team focuses on Workplace Health and Safety, Employee Health and Wellness and offer Corporate Healthcare Programs with many different general medical services including:

General Medical Services

We offer a  number of general medical services and exams to your employees, including physicals, biometric screenings, general blood work and other lab services, x-rays, vaccinations, etc.

OSHA Medical Services

We offer a number of exams related to Occupational Safety and Health Standards to fulfill all of the regulatory requirements set by OSHA, such as Audiometric Testing, Asbestos Physicals, Silica Physicals, HAZMAT Physicals, and Respiratory Physicals.

DOT Medical

We offer a number of medical exams related to fulfilling all of the regulatory requirements set by the FMCSA, including DOT Physicals, Sleep Apnea Testing, DOT Training, Drug and Alcohol Administration Services (C/TPA).

Mobile Health

Our Mobile Health Clinic offers convenience to you and your employees, preventing the necessity to send them to a clinic or urgent care.

Our clients say

Michele R-I

Steel Company

We are a steel company located in Wilmington, DE and CNS provided audiometric testing and training for our HCP. The process was easy. They were able to knock out nearly 40 employees in no time at all. The pricing is transparent and very competitive. The onsite occupational nurses were terrific. We were able to get started addressing potential areas of concern right away with data on hand. I cannot speak highly enough about CNS.

Yudleima Perez


Kelly Ann Lengle nurse doing drug tests and vaccines at Hains is awesome she very kind and helpful and always looking to help she very dependent and reliable and very informative when doing these test I am a recruiter here and I’m hoping that there’s more Kelly Ann’s for future use and relationships with my company performance she is a great addition to your company and she takes great pride in CNS I also remember when she gave me my shot she has a great hand and very sweet. Thank you for sharing her with us.

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OSHA, DOT, or other Medical Services

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