We offer a number of physicals related to DOT, Non-DOT Medical Services and OSHA-Realted work. Some physicals that we offer include DOT physicals, Asbestos Physicals, Respirator Physicals, Immigration Physicals, HAZMAT/HAZWOPER Physicals, Silica Physicals, Audiogram testing, and more.

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What type
of Physicals

DOT Physicals

A DOT physical is a test of your general physical, mental and emotional well being and is required by federal law for commercial motor vehicle drivers.

FAA Physicals

We have an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner, or AME on-site to conduct FAA Physicals. We are located in Lancaster, PA and are near many major airports and flight schools.

Respirator Physicals

Respirator physicals are required by OSHA under certain conditions and are meant to ensure employees who are exposed to respirable toxins are properly protected.


Both HAZMAT and HAZWOPER Physicals are required by OSHA, but the requirements for these physicals applies to employees working in certain conditions.


Audiograms are used for Audiometric Testing, which monitors an employee’s hearing over time. We can test employees regularly by testing responses to certain tones at different frequencies in both ears.

Silica Physicals

A Silica Physical Exam is required by OSHA to be performed upon hire (or prior to silica exposure) and every 3 years thereafter (or more frequently if determined by a physician).

Biometric Screening

Our Occupational Medicine team will perform a biometric screening in order to establish a  health baseline that can be used to evaluate a person’s risk for a variety of issues. Our goal is to prevent these issues with early detection.

Asbestos Physicals

Asbestos is used widely to make textiles, automotive parts, and construction materials. Employees that are exposed to asbestos should be monitored regularly.


We can easily perform on-site x-rays for individuals or portable chest x-rays for employees who may need them for medical surveillance physicals, such as Crystalline Silica or HAZWOPER Physicals, as required by OSHA.