Consulting Services for Truckers

DOT Compliance and Licensing Consulting

Compliance Navigation Specialists (CNS) is specifically focused on trucking companies and keeping them DOT Compliant. The DOT Compliance Programs make things simple for motor carriers.

Types of DOT Compliance and Licensing Consulting

CNS manages DOT Compliance and Safety for trucking companies all over the country. They will help with every aspect of your business.

CNS manages DOT Licensing from setting up Vehicle Registration to Starting a New Trucking Company.

Need OSHA Consulting?

OSHA and DOT/Non-DOT Consulting

We offer consulting services for a number of services from DOT and Non-DOT Drug Testing to OSHA services like Noise Surveys and Noise Abatement. Also, take advantage of our online courses to train employees.

Consulting Services

We have staff that specializes in services related to OSHA and the FMCSA, so there is no question we can’t answer on these topics. If you are in need of Consulting Services, our team is here to help. Just reach out and we can point you in the right direction.