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Nurse Triage

CNS Occupational Medicine offers a Nurse Triage Injury Hotline allowing employers to respond to workplace injuries the day the injury occurs. Our trained medical professionals will help workers determine the best course of action after an injury, either providing self-care instruction or directing the individual to an appropriate level of care.

Implementing this type of triage can reduce the likelihood of OSHA recordable injuries, lost workdays, and lessen the number of visits to office clinics and hospitals.

Most injuries...

  • are minor injuries
  • are minor enough to be dealt with through a phone call
  • are minor enough to be dealt with through video call
  • DO NOT require a visit to a medical facility.

In most cases, an employee should not have to go to a medical facility, saving you a lot of money and paperwork.

But, when an injury is more serious, our triage nurse will direct your employees to your organization’s preferred providers.

Our providers have a thorough understanding of federal and state regulations including Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, so they can make the best treatment plans and perform regulatory examinations.

ER or Urgent Care

Use as a last resort because of...


They are an expensive and unnecessary cost in most cases


Hospital system providers are unaware of the process for work injury treatments based on Workers Compensation rules, regulations, and standards.


ERs and Urgent Cares have very long waits, keeping your employees away from work for a excessive amount of time.

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Questions about Nurse Triage?

Our Occupational Healthcare staff members specialize in Nurse Triage and are ready to answer any questions you have whether you need In-Clinic Services or Onsite Clinic Services. All medical staff has very specific knowledge in Occupational Medicine, which is exactly what you need.