CNS Occupational Medicine specializes in Occupational Healthcare. We focus on helping companies that are managed by OSHA and DOT regulations by offering services from Audiometric Testing to Respiratory Physicals.

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Occupational hearing conservation technician Mindy is discussing the OSHA required audiometry exam.

Learn more about Audiometric Testing

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Learn what to bring and what to expect during your DOT Physical Exam.

Learn more about DOT Physicals

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HAZMAT and HAZWOPER Physicals are similar and both are required by OSHA.

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When employees are validated as capable to perform their tasks through testing, the results include not only a safer workplace but one that’s more productive, with fewer work-related injuries and lower costs.

Verifying that employees are fit for tasks demanded by their jobs, and properly screened for both prior injuries, conditions and substance abuse, helps ensure a healthy workforce. Employers utilizing Employee Testing programs experience typical work injury reductions of 50% during the first year of implementation with continued reductions in the second and third years.

Our on-site occupational health care team can come to your workplace for a range of cost effective screening, testing, treatment, and prevention and job site assessment programs.

About us

Mobile Health Clinic | Occupational Medicine | CNS

CNS Occupational Medicine is a subsidiary of Compliance Navigation Specialists (CNS).

CNS Occupational Medicine began by offering DOT Physicals and on-site drug testing for workers within the transportation community, which sparked its’ natural evolution into what it is today. We quickly branched out to service the employers subject to OSHA requirements for health evaluations.

The CNS Occupational Medicine team is comprised of business and health professionals focused on delivering health and screening services for the construction, transportation, medical, educational, service, and manufacturing work forces in the United States.

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CNS Occupational Medicine partners with companies throughout the healthcare industry to provide the best patient care possible.

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