Vaccinations made easy

Flu Shot, COVID-19, and Travel Vaccines

Currently, we are offering Flu Shots, COVID-19 and Travel Vaccinations. With our convenient drive-up model, there is no need for you to even exit your car. The CDC has approved the Flu Shot and COVID-19 Vaccinations to be administered at the same time in separate arms.

What vaccines do we offer?

Right now we are offering flu vaccinations as well as COVID-19 Vaccinations. We are offering the Moderna Vaccine. Learn more about scheduling your vaccine below.

Travel Vaccinations

Flu Shots

COVID-19 Vaccination

Medical STaff

We ensure that you or your kids are getting your vaccinations by the best Licensed Practical Nurses in the industry.


Free up potentially scarce resources, beat changing viruses, and protect your friends and family.


We practice social distancing and all nurses and other employees are required to wear masks for their safety and yours.


We are able to get you in and out of our office or mobile unit within 20 minutes allowing you to move on with your day.

Questions about Vaccinations?

Our Occupational Healthcare staff members specialize in Vaccinations and are ready to answer any questions you have whether you need In-Clinic Services or Onsite Clinic Services. All medical staff has very specific knowledge in Occupational Medicine, which is exactly what you need.