Post-Offer Employment Tests (POET)

Do you need a Post-Offer Employment Test or PAT?

POST-OFFER EMPLOYMENT TESTS are a sign that an employer has a safety-first culture. By physically testing applicants, employers can determine if the applicant is capable of performing the essential functions of the job they are being hired for. In addition, POETs will identify issues with and educate the new employee on proper form and body mechanics of essential job functions.

NOTE: Employers who implement POET’s regularly lower OSHA recordables compared to companies that do not have Post-Offer Employment Testing.

Testing your employees
What is a Post-Offer Employment Test or POET?

A Post-Offer Employment Test (POET) is a medical evaluation provided to potential new hires and can include Physical Ability Testing (PAT) to ensure a new employee can perform essential job functions.

The medical evaluation, along with the PAT, will be reported to the employer allowing them to make a final decision regarding the offer of employment.

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Determine if your new hire can perform the job before they start!

What is a Physical Abilities Test (PAT)?

A Physical Abilities Test, or PAT, is a necessity as part of your Post-Offer Employment Testing. The PAT will be custom-built for your employee’s needs and specific to the job functions that they perform, covering things such as strength, balance, range of motion, and a number of other essential functions.

Be Prepared
What does a PAT consist of?

A Physicals Abilities Test (PAT) can consist of many different tests that are specific to the job a person is being hired for. It usually consists of lift tests, moving and or operating equipment that is used on the job site, or performing tasks that the employee will be expected to do.

Test an Employee's Strength, Coordination, Endurance,...

Need a Custom POET?

Our Occupational Nursing staff will build a custom Post-Offer Employment Test (POET) for your employee or employees by giving them specific physical tests to complete depending on their job functions.

What are the benefits of POETs and PATs?

Less On-Site Injuries

By testing your new hires to ensure they are physically capable of doing the job, you are saving yourself on Worker's Comp claims.

Medical STaff

We ensure that your employees are being tested properly in a safe environment. We only employ the best Licensed Practical Nurses in the industry.

Hire right the first time

Don't waste time and money by hiring someone who isn't capable of performing the job. You need someone to hit the ground running.


We are able to administer tests quickly and efficiently, getting your employees started as soon as possible.

CNS Occupational Medicine partners with employers to provide cost-effective, comprehensive occupational medicine services including treatment of workplace illness and injury.

Our providers have a thorough understanding of federal and state regulations including Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

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Questions about Physical Abilities Test (PAT) or Post-Offer Employment Tests (POETs)

Our Occupational Healthcare staff members specialize in Physical Abilities Test (PAT) or Post-Offer Employment Tests (POETs) and are ready to answer any questions you have whether you need In-Clinic Services or Onsite Clinic Services. All medical staff has very specific knowledge in Occupational Medicine, which is exactly what you need.