What type of Onsite clinic?

Onsite Clinics

We offer 2 different types of Onsite Clinics

Our Onsite Clinics can be utilized in one of two ways, an Onsite Clinic utilizing the space within your workplace or a Mobile Onsite Clinic, which takes advantage of our Mobile Health Clinic, which can be set up around your business so that employees can easily be assessed and sent back to work.

Our Onsite Clinical Staff are contracted to perform the medical services you need, when you need them, utilizing your facility spaces

Our medical staff will coordinate with you to determine the best place to set up our Mobile Health Clinic. 

Onsite Clinical Staffing

What does it mean?

Basically, Onsite Clinical Staffing means that we will reduce healthcare costs, offer ease of access, and save your company time by sending a Clinical Staff to your place of business to perform any medical services that you need.

Clinical staffing will include all necessary levels of healthcare workers, from nurses to nurse practitioners to doctors.

We assist several companies with any combinations and amount of services like Biometric Screenings, DOT Physicals, Audiometric Testing, and so much more.

We can offer as few or as many medical services as you need!

Who can use Onsite Clinical Staffing?

Our onsite staffing is offered to companies of all different sizes, small and large. With nearly 50 percent of large companies taking advantage of a Onsite  Clinical Staffing, it should be apparent of the benefits.

Onsite Clinical Staffing Services

We can offer any medical service or combination of services that you need, whether you are regulated by OSHA or the DOT, or you just need general medical services. You can explore all of our services and decide what you need or just contact one of our Occupational Medicine Specialists for expert advice.

OSHA Medical Services

We offer a number of exams related to Occupational Safety and Health Standards to fulfill all of the regulatory requirements set by OSHA, like Audiometric Testing, Asbestos Physicals, Silica Physicals, and more.

DOT Medical Services

We offer a number of medical exams related to fulfilling all of the regulatory requirements set by the FMCSA, including DOT Physicals, Sleep Apnea Testing, Drug and Alcohol Administration Services, and more.

General Medical Services

We offer a number of services related to Occupational Medicine and General Health such as Biometric Screenings, Vaccinations, COVID-19 Services, X-Rays, Lab Services, and so much more.

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Mobile Onsite Clinics

What are they?

Our Mobile Onsite Clinics offers one of two options, Mobile Health Clinic or our Audiogram Trailer. Our clinics are bought to your facility and set up conveniently so that your employees can be tested without ever leaving work and without disturbing your operation.

Who can use them?

We offer our Mobile Health Clinics to companies of all sizes, small or large. Our Mobile Health Clinic can be used for any of our services listed below, outside of audiometric testing. To set up audiograms, you will need to utilize our Audiogram Trailer, which is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and sound-proofing and can test multiple employees at one time.

How long can you reserve the Mobile Health Clinic?

You can reserve the Mobile Health Clinic for any period of time that your company may need it. We can even have the Mobile Health Clinic at your company for 30 days if that is the healthcare attention your employees need.

Audiogram Trailer

Mobile Health Clinic

Mobile Onsite Clinic Services

Physicals Clinic

We offer a number of physicals to our clients in our OnSite Clinics from DOT Physicals to Respirator Physicals to Audiogram Testing. We offer a long list of physicals for your employees.

Vaccination Clinic

We offer several different types of vaccinations including and Flu Shots and COVID-19 vaccinations. Keep all of your employees safe by testing them regularly and giving them easy access to getting their vaccinations and boosters.

COVID-19 Clinic

We can set up at your office and provide COVID-19 vaccinations, COVID-19 testing (Rapid Antigen or PCR), and we even offer Pre-shift Screening for your employees. Keep your employees healthy and reduce time off due to unforseen illnesses.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Clinic

Allowing to set up a Drug and Alcohol Clinic will save you money and your emplopyee's time. This is beneficail for employees that need to be tested on a regular basis

Audiometric Testing Clinic

We bring our Audiogram Trailer to your business and test all of your employees in a controlled environment. If you are regulated by OSHA and have employees in a setting that puts their hearing at risk, you are required to test them regularly.

DOT Physicals

If you are regulated by the DOT and/or manage employees that have a CDL (Commercial Driver's License), they will need to have a regular DOT Physical. You can have them come to our facility or we can come to you and we will perform as many employee physicals as you need in one day.

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Onsite Clinics

Save time and money by letting our team of professionals come to your large fleet or company.

Audiometric Tests

Mobile Onsite Clinic

Is your company regulated by OSHA regulations? Our Occupational Medicine team is ready to administer audiograms on-site.

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Medical Services

Mobile Onsite Clinic

We can offer a number of Medical Exams at your place of business using our Mobile Health Clinic. Does your company qualify?

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DOT Physicals

Mobile Onsite Clinic

Is your company regulated by the FMCSA? If so, DOT Physicals are required, which we can complete for you on-site so your employees never leave the facility.

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