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Test Employees Onsite!

As an employer, you may need to test a lot of employees for the same thing. Sending those employees for testing one-by-one can be difficult to manage and complete. This is why an Onsite Physicals Clinic would be ideal. Employees never leave your facility.

What is a Physicals Clinic?

A Physicals Clinic can consist of Registered Nurses, Medical Providers, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and other staff, depending on the services you need. Any of our Physicals can be taken advantage of using our Mobile Health Clinic. Some physicals that we offer include DOT physicals, Asbestos Physicals, Respirator Physicals, Immigration Physicals, HAZMAT/HAZWOPER Physicals, Silica Physicals, Audiogram testing, and more.

Mobile Health Clinic

Types of Physicals

Respirator physicals ensure employees who are exposed to respirable toxins are properly protected. They help employers make informed decisions about which employees should use respirators in specific conditions.

HAZMAT and HAZWOPER Physicals are similar and both are required by OSHA. Requirements for these physicals applies to employees working in certain conditions.

Is your company regulated by the FMCSA? If so, DOT Physicals are required. We can complete them on-site so your employees never leave the facility.

Other Mobile Onsite Clinics

We offer several medical services or a combination of services through our Mobile Health Clinic. Whether you are regulated by OSHA, DOT, or you just need general medical services, you can explore all of our services and decide what you need or just contact one of our Occupational Medicine Specialists for expert advice.

Audiometric Testing Clinic

We bring our Audiogram Trailer to your business and test all of your employees in a controlled environment. If you are regulated by OSHA and have employees in a setting that puts their hearing at risk, you are required to test them regularly.

Physicals Clinic

We offer a number of physicals to our clients in our OnSite Clinics from DOT Physicals to Respirator Physicals to Audiogram Testing. We offer a long list of physicals for your employees.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Clinic

Allowing to set up a Drug and Alcohol Clinic will save you money and your emplopyee's time. This is beneficail for employees that need to be tested on a regular basis

Vaccination Clinic

We offer several different types of vaccinations including and Flu Shots and COVID-19 vaccinations. Keep all of your employees safe by testing them regularly and giving them easy access to getting their vaccinations and boosters.

Need help with multiple services?

Ask about Onsite Clinical Staffing

Contact us to find out if your company qualifies for Onsite Medical Services

Onsite Clinical Staffing

Save time and money by letting our team of professionals come to your large fleet or company.

Need Employer Services?

We offer all types of Employer Services from creating Work Injury Treatment Plans to pricing revolving around a set of services you need to fulfill, like Respirator Physicals, Audiometric Testing, DOT Physicals, and so much more.

If you are regulated by OSHA, choosing an Occupational Medicine Team that understands the OSHA recordkeeping rules and OSHA 300 logs is crucial.

We offer a number of exams related to Occupational Safety and Health Standards to fulfill all of the regulatory requirements set by OSHA, the FMCSA and the CDC.

We offer a number of medical exams that fulfill the regulatory requirements set by the FMCSA, including DOT PhysicalsDOT Training, and Drug and Alcohol Administration Services.

Do you need a highly trained Medical Review Team or Medical Review Officer to help you remain compliant with all your drug and alcohol testing needs?

Nurse Triage Injury Hotlines allow employers to respond to workplace injuries the day the injury occurs. Our trained medical professionals will help workers determine the best course of action.

Physicals Clinic - Questions?

Our Occupational Healthcare staff members are ready to answer any questions you have whether you need In-Clinic Services or Onsite Clinic Services.