Building on the foundation of Compliance Navigation Specialists, CNS Occupational Medicine evolved as an independent entity focused on occupational health and mobile services.

CNS began as a platform dedicated to bridging the gap between government regulations in the transportation industry and business owners, drivers, and operators. Today, CNS stands as a nationally recognized service provider, catering to a diverse range of industries.

Our journey started with offering DOT physicals and on-site drug testing exclusively for transportation professionals, which marked the inception of CNS Occupational Medicine. However, we swiftly expanded our services to meet the OSHA requirements for health evaluations of employers.

At CNS Occupational Medicine, our dedicated team comprises both business and health professionals. We are committed to delivering comprehensive health and screening services tailored to the specific needs of the construction, transportation, medical, educational, service, and manufacturing sectors throughout the United States.

We are focused on bringing together the best parts of the CNS and CNS Occupational Medicine brands by being proactive and getting ahead of potential issues with a high level of service and care.

Let us partner with you to ensure the well-being of your workforce, as we continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of occupational health and safety.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being rated #1 for customer service.


We value positive, lasting relationships with our team and our patients.

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Communications is key and our medical staff is always available to patients.


The health and safety of patients is top priority for our Occupational Health team.

Medical Exams

In addition to vaccinations, we offer a number of other DOT and Non-DOT Medical Services including DOT physicals, Hazmat and Hazwoper Physicals, Silica Exams, Audiogram testing, and more.

COVID-19 Services

Our Occupational Medicine Team is now offering a number of COVID-19 related services, including PCR tests, Vaccines, Rapid Antigen Tests and more.

Our Values

Our mission

To make the roads a safer place for all to travel by improving the safety, protection and compliance of the industries we serve.

Our Vision

Staying at the forefront of safety, compliance and risk in an ever-changing transportation industry.

Our Values

We value positive, lasting relationships with our team and clients by delivering honest service. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals seeks to understand the communities we serve.

Family of Companies

Assisting the transportation industry from all angles