DOT Medical Services

All of our Occupational Medicine Services are available using our Mobile Health Clinic. Contact us to find if your company qualifies to receive one or multiple services on site at your company.

DOT Medical Exams

We offer a number of medical exams related to fulfilling all of the regulatory requirements set by the FMCSA, including DOT Physicals, Sleep Apnea Testing, DOT Training, Drug and Alcohol Administration Services, including Pre-Employment Testing, Consortium and Random Testing and On-Site Collection.

DOT Physicals

Our Occupational Medicine team will perform a biometric screening in order to establish a  health baseline that can be used to evaluate a person’s risk for a variety of issues. Our goal is to prevent these issues with early detection.

Our comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Consortium Administration Services (C/TPA) are available for companies that are regulated by Federal and State governments.

DOT Training

We offer a number of training courses that can be conducted online, through live webinars or in person. All of our courses are available for purchase at or you can learn more below.

Mobile On-Site

All of our services can be conducted on-site at your business. If you are interested in taking advantage of our Mobile Health Clinic for one or multiple services you can learn more or contact us below.

DOT Physicals

DOT physicals are required by the FMCSA for anyone driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV). These physicals are meant to test your general, mental and emotional health. This video will let you know what to expect at a DOT Physical.

Audiometric testing monitors an employee’s hearing over time. One of our Audiometry Specialists will administer the test as well as review the audiogram with the employee. Watch the video to get an understanding of what to expect.

Location is Everything

Location is everything, which is why we offer our services everywhere with our Mobile Health Clinic. All of our Occupational Health Services can be requested to be on-site, including using our state-of-the-art Audiogram Trailer, which can test multiple employees at one time.