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Pre-Shift Screenings

We can assist any company that has a large number of employees  that work closely with one another and generally enter a building or a place of work around similar times.

All of these employees can be screened quickly with COVID-19 temperature checks to ensure that they are not coming in while sick and potentially infecting other employees with COVID-19 or other viruses. 

Are you worried about the health of your employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

CNS offers services to contribute to your company’s Return to Work Plan, including pre-shift screenings, which test employees as they come into work before starting their shifts. Risking the health or your employees and your business is not worth it. Temperature screenings can be used in combination with any other COVID-19 tests that we offer.

Why are pre-shift screenings important?

Screening each crew member and staff when they are reporting for duty ensures less risk to other employees. If your employees have direct contact with someone who is ill or otherwise vulnerable populations, you want to know right away to prevent any spreading to other staff members.

Need pre-shift screenings?


All Staff – Clinical, Administrative, and Maintenance
Visitors or guests in the building


Subjective and simple
Individual attests to answers of questions
Positive screenings reported to leadership

Best practices?

Symptomatic employees should not have contact with other workers.
If an employee has symptoms and must work, they should wear a surgical mask and gloves while on duty



Our medical team has vaccines available to those who qualify, depending on the current phase.


Our Occupational Medicine Team is now offering antibody testing with 99% result accuracy.

Antigen Tests

Our medical team is administering several COVID-19 Tests, including a Rapid Antigen Test.

PCR Tests

Our medical team is administering several COVID-19 Tests, including a PCR Molecular Test.

Start your customized health plan to meet your business needs and keep your employees healthy and safe.