COVID Rapid Antigen Testing: Keeping Asymptomatic Kids in School

COVID Rapid Antigen Testing: Keeping Asymptomatic Kids in School

Rapid antigen tests could be key to safely keep students in the classroom this school year when possibly exposed to COVID by another student. 

As the COVID pandemic extends into a third academic year, hundreds of students and staff across the U.S. have already tested positive, pushing thousands into quarantine, and prompting schools to temporarily close or revert to virtual learning. 

Many schools are using a Test-To-Stay method to keep students safely in the classroom rather than quarantining children who have an in-school contact with a positive case.  

The problem is, many schools do not have rapid tests available, and parents are finding it hard to get rapid test as most doctor offices are not completing them if you are not symptomatic.  

At CNS Occupational Medicine in Lititz, PA, we are offering discounted rapid testing for any school aged child who wants one to get them tested and back to school.  

We know how stressful it can be finding a place to get tested, just let us know the test is for a school student to get our discounted $50.00 Rapid Antigen test. 

What is the safe and quick Rapid Antigen Testing process? 

Antigen tests detect specific proteins on the surface of the coronavirus. It is just a quick nose sample and reading without any headaches of going to a medical office or long wait times.  

Our Occupational Medicine Team has plenty of Rapid Antigen Tests available and are all appropriately trained in administering the test with the most effective testing methods. 

Without ever leaving your vehicle, we use a nasal swab to get a fluid sample, place the sample in the solution vial, and place the test strip in the solution that will produce a 96.6% accurate and reliable result in about 20 minutes.  

The test is authorized for kindergarten aged children and older and is just a little tickle in their nose.  

We typically have same (or next) day drive up appointments availability and results can be emailed to you directly to you versus waiting.  

CNS Occupational Medicine Drive-Up Location – 151 Koser Road Lititz, PA 17543 

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With safety as our priority, our CNS Occupational Medicine staff follows strict safety guidelines, that include:  

  • Whenever possible, all screening and collections should be done from the patient’s vehicle  
  • Staff MUST wear proper PPE at ALL times when testing 
    • Surgical mask or personal mask  
    • Disposable gown or disposable sleeves (optional) 
    • Gloves 
    • Shield or safety goggles (optional) 
  • Staff MUST wash hands and change gloves in between screening each patient 
  • Staff MUST sanitize any community equipment (clipboards, pens, thermometers, etc.) between each patient  

If you are a school looking for regular rapid tests on-site, or you are a parent looking to get your child back into the classroom, contact us at 800.551.9816 or

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