Looking For Rapid COVID Tests Before or After Christmas Holidays?

cant find rapid codiv test

With coronavirus cases surging again, Americans are struggling to get tested. CVS Health, Walgreens, and similar groups are limiting the number of at-home COVID kits customers can buy due to significant demand. 

This is causing people to search for rapid tests at hospitals and urgent cares that just aren’t doing them, especially for the asymptomatic general public.  

However, the Omi-Grinch has not stopped us from getting more rapid COVID tests.  

We at CNS Occupational Medicine in Lititz, PA have hundreds available with many more coming.  

Whether you are an individual, or a company that needs many tests, we can assist you. 

Positive results are highly accurate with rapid antigen testing, with 96.9% sensitivity, and results in 15-20 minutes.  

How much are Rapid Antigen Tests? 

They are $75 per test, $50 for students and teachers. 

Schedule A Test Today 

Or , contact us at 800.551.9816 or info@cnsoccmed.com

Beyond personal rapid tests, we offer employer services to contribute to a company’s Return-to-Work Plan, including pre-shift screenings meant to test employees before starting their shifts. Risking the health of your employees and your business is not worth it. 

Start your customized health plan to meet your business needs and keep your employees healthy and safe. For more information, contact us at 800.551.9816 or info@cnsoccmed.com

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