6 Steps to Organize Onsite Flu Clinics and Save Lost Worker Productivity

6 Steps to Organize Onsite Flu Clinics and Save Lost Worker Productivity

Hosting a workplace flu shot clinic makes it easier for your employees to get vaccinated and stay healthy. 

Is your company thinking about organizing an on-site clinic this year? It doesn’t have to be hard. We will walk you through 6 steps to create an on-site flu clinic that can be used to measure results over following years.

What is an Onsite Flu Clinic?

Employee flu vaccination programs are an effective way to support workforce health and with the COVID-19 pandemic still hanging around, getting a flu shot is more important than ever to reduce medical visits and less chance of exposure to patients with COVID-19. 

An onsite flu clinic is designed to make vaccination as simple as possible and help you measure participation over time.

By working with an experienced outside provider, like CNS Occupational Medicine, qualified nurses arrive at your office or worksite to administer flu vaccines at a day and time convenient for you.

Flu Clinics Can Save Lost Worker Productivity

Did you know that company onsite flu clinics are more cost-effective? It’s true.

Not only will it lower the risk of spreading the flu in your office, it can also cause:

  • fewer unproductive workdays (up to 28%)
  • fewer doctor or healthcare provider visits (up to 44%)
  • fewer sick days away from the office (up to 45%)

Our team has experience helping companies of all sizes host successful mobile vaccination events, even across multiple locations (CNH Industrial Hosts Onsite Vaccine Clinic). 

Is your company regulated by OSHA or FMCSA? Our Occupational Medicine Team can also help with physicals, audiograms, and other medical exams capable of being administered onsite at your place of business.

6 Steps to Organize Onsite Flu Clinics

Is your company thinking about organizing an onsite clinic this year? It doesn’t have to be hard.

Below are 6 steps to organize a clinic for your company:

  1. Get management buy-in to support a flu vaccination clinic at the workplace.
  2. Identify a flu vaccination coordinator and/or team with defined roles and responsibilities.
  3. Work with an experienced outside provider of flu vaccination services.
  4. Schedule the flu vaccination clinic to maximize employee participation, which usually begins in the fall. Consider hosting your vaccination clinic(s) before the end of October.
  5. Consider offering flu vaccination to employees’ families.
  6. Set a goal and show employees how their participation matters. Each year, try to improve upon the percentage of employees vaccinated.

From your first call to the final shot, CNS Occupational Medicine will help make your flu clinic worry-free.

You can schedule today or chat with our team to help you organize the onsite flu clinic.

Online Scheduling

Worried that some staff may not make it to the clinic. Don’t worry, we offer an online schedule at our office located in Lititz, PA!

The goal of our medical staff is to keep workers safe, healthy, and on the job, allowing you to continue the production that keeps your business running.

Our knowledgeable examiners are focused on best-in-class customer service when it comes to treating workers and employers to create long-term health and wellness.

In addition to flu shots, we offer several other health related services, including COVID-19 services, physicals, health exams, and more.

For more information, contact us at 800.551.9816 or info@cnsoccmed.com

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